abandon: to give up completely,forsake 放弃
unrestrained freedom or emotion.放纵

abashi: to make embarrassed=>embolden

abate: to make less in amount; wane

abbreviate: to make shorter,to shorten a word or phrase

abdicate: to give up athrone or authority
dictator indicate abdication abdicator

aberrant:turning away from what is right
deviating from what is normal
errant erratic

aberration:the fact or an instance of being aberrant esp.from a moral standard or normal state

abet:to incite,encourage,urge and help on

abeyance:temporary suspension of an activity

abhor:to detest,hate

abhorrent:causing digust or hatred,detestable,hateful

abide:to put up with =tolerate

abject:miserable,wretched degrade,base

abjure:to give up on oath;renounce,to recant

ablution:a washing of the body as a religious ceremony.
dilute, antediluvian

abnegate:to deny ,renounce
negative,renege abnegation

abolish:to end the observance or effect of

abolition:the state of being abolished,prohibition.

abominate:to feel hatred and disgust for,loathe

aboveboard:honest and open /honestly and openly

abrade:to scrape or rub off.=>augment

abrasion:a wearing or rubbing away by friction.

abrasive:tending to abrade;harshi and offensive

abrest:side by side

abridge:to reduce in scope or extent;to shorten by using fewer words;condense

abrogate:to repeal by authority,abolish

abscission:removal ,the natural separation of flowers,frutit,or leaves from plants at a special separation layer

abscond:to run away and hide in order to escape the law

absenteeism:frequent absence from school or work


absolve:to free from guilt or obligation;forgive

absorb:to suck up or take up;to take in and make part of an existent shole;to hold the attention or interest of sb.fully
absorbed, absorption


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